On-Site Computer Repairs and Technology Services in the Port Washington Area


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Computer Port provides a wide variety of on-site computer repair and technology services in Port Washington, Manorhaven, Sands Point, Baxter Estates, Flower Hill, Manhasset, Munsey Park, and Roslyn, New York. We take special pride in providing the highest quality I. T. house calls, at prices that are well below those of the national chains.

Many services should ideally be performed in the shop, especially time-consuming ones like virus and spyware removal. It's usually much less expensive to do it that way than it is to pay someone to sit around your home or office watching a time-consuming process.

We also have tools and parts at the ready in the shop, whereas there's only so much stuff we can schlep with us on a house call. So if possible, we recommend that you bring your sick computers into the shop and save yourself some money.

But some services, such as networking and peripheral installations, are better performed in the computer's working environment. That's why at Computer Port, we offer both kinds of service. Our on-site technology services include:


When Should I Bring My Computer Into the Store?

Really, it depends.

In general, most computer repairs are more economical when done in the shop. This is especially true for jobs that require long, idle periods of time, such as virus and spyware scanning; or when a hardware problem is suspected and we want to let the machine run for a while at operating temperature.

Because we can let these processes run unattended in the shop, but have to charge you by the hour on an on-site visit, carrying your computer in is usually the most economical solution. Most clients would rather not pay us to stare at progress bars (and we'd rather not stare at them).

But when a job requires that the work be done in the computer's normal working environment (for example, installation of a network printer or troubleshooting a file server), then a house call is the best way to go. If you're in doubt as to which way would be better, just give us a call.

To schedule an on-site visit or to obtain a free telephone consultation to determine the best solution to your problem, please contact us. We're always happy to hear from you!