Computer and Laptop Tune-Ups


Military jet plane traveling at high speed, symbolizing a fast, tune-up computer

Remember when you first bought your computer?

Remember that "Oh, wow!" feeling you had when you saw how fast it was the first time you booted it up and used it?

Chances are, it's not that fast anymore.

The fact is that as computers are used, they slow down and become more prone to errors. This is true even for basically healthy computers. There doesn't necessarily have to be anything terribly "wrong" with them like a virus or a hardware problem for them to become slow and unstable. They just need regular, periodic maintenance like any other machine.

We call this regular, scheduled maintenance a computer tune-up, and it's one of the most cost-effective things you can do to make your computer use more enjoyable and efficient, while also extending your computer's life. For most users, we recommend an annual tune-up to keep your computer happily humming along. For heavily-used computers or computers used by children or teens, however, we recommend a tune-up every six months.


Why Do Computers and Laptops Need Tune-Ups, Anyway?

A lot of people wonder why a machine that has few or no moving parts should need to be tuned up. The answer is that in the normal course of a computer's operation, many changes are made to the computer's operation system that can slow the computer down. For example:

The above are only a few of the things that happen in the course of a healthy computer's operation. If the computer is infected by adware, spyware, viruses, or other malware, the problems can become exponentially worse (and put your privacy and security at risk, as well).

In addition to making your computer slow and unstable, the problems above can also cause your computer to wear out sooner. When a computer slows down, it means it's working harder; and that extra work creates heat, which is any electronic device's enemy. In most cases, these problems also cause more wear and tear on the hard drive or SSD because more data is being moved and cached. (Although SSDs have no moving parts, they do have a finite number of read / write cycles.)


Affordable Computer Tune-Ups in Port Washington

At Computer Port, we love computers -- especially fast ones that are running at the peak of their abilities. And we love making that happen. (We're geeks, after all. We're into that sort of thing.)

A lot of times, users don't realize how slow their computers have gotten because it happened gradually, over time. But when we sit down at a slow computer and tune it up, the difference as we complete every step of the process becomes very noticeable. It's like going from a Yugo to a Jaguar. The difference can be amazing.

That's why a computer tune-up usually is one of the most economical things you can do to increase your computer's speed and prolong its life. A carry-in, Standard Computer Tune-Up at our office costs only $75.00, and an Advanced Computer Tune-Up (which also includes a new malware / virus scanner) costs only $99.95.

So if your computer has become slow or instable, don't put it out for the recycling truck just yet. Give us a call instead. There's a pretty good chance that we can get your computer running its best again, for far less money than the cost of a new machine (not to mention the cost and inconvenience of moving all your programs and data).

Computer Port is conveniently located on Main Street in Port Washington, New York. For more information about computer tune-ups or any of our fine services, please contact us.